Ek Jaenicke

Go back 100 years and the USA were not better than others mainly based upon primitive industries, rural standards of living and on agriculture. This great nation was "built by and on the backs" of those so-called "later immigrants" who did and still do the jobs that nobody else wanted.

When I went to High school ( grad. '65 ) we'd been proud to be part of that "multiculturalism", the "melting pot", synonymous with the USA. It's not long ago when in the Reagan times racism became fashionable again and now even patriotic labeled fundamentalist fascism, throwing away this respected good American heritage to be another type of nation, the MELTING POT.

This anti-integrative movement with such stupid racist publications like Murray / Herrnstein's "The Bell Curve", published and financed by international right wing and neonazi connections ( Mankind Quaterly, financed by the "Pioneer Fund", founded by Hitler's fan Wickliffe P. Draper to spread the racist thoughts and Eugenics of German Nazis in the USA in 1937 , connected to the "Northern League" ) is a signal that makes me shudder.

(Murray and Herrnstein base their studies on other racist unproved stuff like the Northern Irish racist Richard Lynn, who mixed his "research" about Black Africans and their IQs by melting 11 different studies with fully different empirical methods or Arthur Jensen, the clown, who invented the correlation between being intelligent, having long legs and being rich in 1991 ;-)))) or J. Phillippe Rushton, a sexist, measuring correlations between the length of man's "end" and intelligence. Lynn, Jensen and Rushton are authors of "Mankind Quaterly". Publisher: The German right wing anthropologist Hans Wilhem Juergens, known as a darling of old and new German Nazis.)

I fear it's five to noon to stop the U.S. becoming a fascist dictorship of racist blockheads, fundamentalist ignorants and weaponed fascist militias.

Ek (MD, PhD) Now far enough, Hannover / Germany