Dinesh D'Souza's Ethnic Roots EXPOSED

by Rahul Anand Narain narain@sky.net

He is a Portugese/Goan catholic from Soutwestern India. A race of people not large in numbers, some of whom adopted the worst from the various cultures surrounding them. While what they did in India , notably Xavier, can be found in a history book, what is disgusting is the concept of Goan Christian Brahmins and lower christian castes.

These bigoted people will not socialize with christians who converted from a lower caste. They are not the christians as even David Duke or Brubaker would conceive. You see these portugese christians would not touch them as they are not of a high caste!

In a desire to be like *their masters* they would [unlike the africans who were forced to] adopt anglo saxon names mixing them with those of portuguese ones. Hence the colloquial name MaC-a-Pao. [ Pav is a quarter..generally the term was used earlier for a quarter loaf of bread. In Bombay Paao now refers to a roll of bread, in a lot of other places the term Pav-roti (quarter-bread) is used.]

Other Indians ate varying varities of breads but the Mac-a-Paos would eat the *western* bread! Or Pao-roti.

Perpetually lost amongst cultures these Mac-a-paws worshipped the Portugese or Brits which ever way the wind blew.

To illustrate better -- Iraq's minister Tariq Aziz happens to be a christian with an Iraqi name. Same with Bosnian Muslims, and Croats. Their names are impacted by *their* culture and language. It isn't that a Bosnian Christian would have a name of John Smith and a muslim would have the name of Ayatullah Khomeni or Benazir Bhutto. But these Mac-a-Paws or Dingbats would use Saxon First names and Portugese lastnames! But that's not just it.

Some macs use Chaste *Hindi* firstnames. Hence the name Dinesh D'Souza. Or Anilesh Drax. Why? Why a Chaste Hindi or a Sanskrit name? Why not from their native Konkani, Marathi, or Kannadiga culture? Why not wholly a Saxon, or A protuguese or a mixed Saxon-Portuguese name ? The answer to his bigotry lies there.

These Goan/Christians as a race, atleast a vast majority with extremly few exceptions, tried hard to be accepted in their minds as one of the *master* race, [as propounded by europeans..]i.e. in their belief the eourpeans by changing their names and what they eat! Simply put, most of these people are a group of fundamentalist catholics who excommunicate their offsprings if they married any one but a catholic brahmin. Naturally they were alienated from the society and from the rest of the christians. They tried to be the *better race* by accepting the religion of the master and retain the Sanskrit names of the *Ture Aryan Race* . So much So for Dooke boy and Adolphie!

As the Mac-a-Paws moved to Bombay and neighboring areas [that's one of the only two regions where you find these bigots] their alienation from the society increased. More so after the independece of India. These bigots couldn't decide wether they were Anglos, Protugese or Indians who had embraced Christianity. At the time of independece a major segment of these catholics in Bomaby split slighty away from fundamentalism but remained conservate. At first they would associate only with Parsis, who are extremely pale due to genetic deficiencies. Originally Zoroastrian Iranians, and generally very pleasant but sickly. They married internally to preserve their culture and blood, and over 1100 years their gene pool has been decimated to the extent that most of them can't have babies. Or the babies are born jaundiced, deformed, or with missing organs.

The parsis had a chastising effect on some of the Macs but the others went the way of Dinesh -- bitter, rootless, the vestigial remnants of a cowardly murderous civilization.

So even if you go by Dinesh's garbage, to understand the roots of his bigotry you just have to review *his* culture, his ancestory, his roots. He ain't an Indian boy. He possibly believes his is one of the sonnenkindred. A child of the Sun. Distorting cultural and religious beliefs to suit their cause, these *special* caltholics are at the same time Suryavanshi aryans [ Those who descended from the Sun, a sect of hindus with absolutely differrent religious beliefs ] or a european race. They would have held Adolph Hitler in contempt. Go figure!

However, I don't buy that line of reasoning nor would excuse his biogtry as is the case with some of the noveau-rich-brown-tommy-boy mentality of some Asian christian migrants, but assign it squarely to *his* direct upbringing, his *immediate* surroundings and a lack of civil education.