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May 15, 2003

Pirates, Markets, Properties

An enterprising prosecutor might be able to convict me of theft, and at least one blogger somewhere has already.

It's because as an untraceable anonymous individual who subscribes to a fairly secret service, I pirate lots of commodity music recordings, from other untraceable anonymous individuals with their consent. I am a participant in a black market of mp3s.

Like most things I do, I have a gut feeling that what I'm doing is right and that if it's wrong, I might be able to be dissuaded but probably not. Since I am on the defensive side for a moment, I have been provoked into thinking a bit more about what I think is so right about my method of acquiring goodies for listening.

The first thing I keep in mind when discussing this kind of stuff is something that Vernon Reid is famous for saying. Your favorite song was a commodity before you ever heard it. It's ironic that I couldn't tell you what Vernon Reid is doing these days. Arguably the most popular guitarist of 1992, I've heard very little from him since his days with Living Colour. Have you? My guess is that he's jamming in little clubs and that his diehard fans know where he's at all the time. The important point to know is that musicians know the game they are playing, which is to become a profitable recording artist.

So I put myself in the shoes. Do I want to make music, or money? That gives me a choice of venues.

To be continued.

Posted by mbowen at May 15, 2003 07:14 PM

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