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May 16, 2003


I went to a sub-million dollar theatre the other night and sat way in the back. So the Matrix Reloaded didn't blow me away. Now that I've seen it properly, I've been appropriately impressed.

1. It's hard to imagine what the W Brothers are going to have to do next time to top this. As I begin to recall all the incredible effects of this film one of the things that I find remarkable is how brief many of them are. But it just takes a second for that image to brand the brain with cool.

2. On the first installment, folks complained that they didn't understand the meaning of the Matrix. Well, it doesn't get any simpler. That's satisfying in an intellectual sort of way, but the storytelling doesn't come easy. There are several monologues and one or two conversations that must be parsed astutely for one to figure out what is going on in the beloved Matrix. If the W Brothers banked on some fever for seeing this again and again, that's the only excuse worth hearing. I accept it, and I will be seeing it again.

3. It is pleasant to see, once again, the Brothers W reversing the retro Jetsons future. It ain't all white and that's all right. This has been done nicely before in Blade (and most Snipes films of late), famously in the Fifth Element, one film that never gets tiring, and of course in the original Matrix. We got a hint of the earthy beauty of Zion from the original Tank and Dozer characters who spoke of being born the old-fashioned way, and it doesn't disappoint. Heroes and villains from around the globe are enmeshed into this Matrix, and that adds a special human element of beauty to this new genre of earthbound science fiction.

4. I predict vampires and ghosts in the next episode.

5. The only product placement in the world that nobody minds is Ducati motorcycles. Bravo.

Posted by mbowen at May 16, 2003 11:22 PM

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