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May 22, 2003

Reloaded Deviations

As you may have surmised, I'm enjoying the philosophical aspects of the Matrix series. My latest ruminations:

The soundtrack is uneven. For Zion's party and the first fight with Agents Smith, the music is spot on, transcendent in the first instance and not making me miss the Propellerheads in the second. But for the resurrection of [the] Trinity, it was downright hokey and for the freeway chase, utterly forgettable. Somebody is right, this film should have been full of Philip Glass. (I'm listening to my favorite cut right now, 'Pruit Igoe'). Alas the Glass was fully empty.

Turtles All The Way Down?:

the prophecy was only false because neo chose, from the architect's room, to rescue trinity instead of going to the source. the architect said that 'we already know which way you are going to choose' which suggests that in the end, neo wasn't the one, because the one's destiny is to save zion. instead he is the anamoly of choice, he believes he is the one and he therefore accepts the one's role, all the way up to the end.

the architect then says that neo is truly human because he expresses hope, neo says then you better hope i don't see you next time, the architect says you won't. this suggests that the architect is not actually protecting the source and there was really no choice at all that neo was not the one, just a human with a bit more skills than morpheus.

so i am suggesting that the matrix, by design, is unable to control the one, but there may be more than one of the One. i'm interpreting goedel by saying there is at least one of the One but that its form cannot be determined by the system or the designers of the system. every bug doesn't crash the system but One does, it is not the One until it crashes the system.

remember that the architect has pursued perfection and completeness in the system more and more each time. it is a dodge to accept the premise that the first matrix was indeed perfect - it was only perfect from the standpoint of humans. it was more full of bugs.

A splendid set of speculations can be found here.

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