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December 05, 2002

Hard Work

ok i admit it. probably the best time for writing a blog is the time when you are in the middle of a crisis. this time, my writing skills, public ones anyway, failed me. and so i have, redirecting my energies, have survived a few crises.

the first was the non-trivial exercise of saving my marriage from taking a long walk off a short pier. the recovery is in motion bouyed by a lot of holiday cheer, soul searching, declarations and demonstrations. aluta continua.

the next was negotiating myself into a new contract. yea! i have work. yea! it is in los angeles. yea! the pay is good. that was not easy. i am still moving stuff from atlanta as we speak, and i'll be moving it all back in 2003, if my plan goes well.

the next has to do with the irs, the next has to do with the lunatic. i'm sure there's more that i have suppressed, but that's plenty. now i just have to survive on a thousand bucks between now and the 20th, which sounds a lot easier than it is given that my monthly household budget has swollen to 4600 not including food and clothes. how did that happen? it's a long story, and of course, this is a long blog, so i suppose you'll hear some of it. i may be shopping at walmart with humility, but somehow i'm going through too much money. well, i don't think so but the feds will, inevitably. at least nobody's suing me.

Posted by mbowen at December 5, 2002 05:45 PM

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