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December 13, 2002

Material Breach

so somebody help me here, how many times does lott get to apologize? isn't he already in material breach? racist segregation is a weapon of mass destruction, do we just sit around on our butts until he uses it again? we already know that he used it against his own people. we already know that he was in the jihad in his youth.

i say we get kweisi mfume to head up an inspection team that gets unimpeded access to all republican controlled states, including 'election headquarters' palaces, where they were impeded last time. until trent lott produces a document of about 13,000 pages in length and prove he is harboring no racists, we cannot give him the benefit of the doubt. but it doesn't matter what lies he publishes because we already know that he is - we just can't share that evidence with the general public because it would be a cookbook for racism.

none of us wants to fight the same racial battles that our parents did, but the same guys are in power. everybody agrees that we'd be better off without them, but as soon as we get tough about it, the coalition gets squeamish.

doesn't anybody around here care about the values of civilization? jesse helms, strom thurmond and trent lott are an axis of evil. we need to be about bringing them to justice.

Posted by mbowen at December 13, 2002 09:10 PM

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