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December 23, 2002

Review: Jeeves & Wooster The Complete First Season

faithful & funny.

back in 1987 before i owned a complete stereo, i used to listen to the radio. i happened on a broadcast of 'what ho jeeves' and was regularly doubled over with laughter. it gave me an appreciation of wodehouse which i misappropriated to the english language itself. it's all good though, english can be beautiful.

fast forward 15 years. i'm stuck with the onerous task of driving from houston to los angeles (or vice versa, who remembers such things?) so i pick up the audiobook of 'the inimitable jeeves'. fortunately i have learned to laugh without doubling over, otherwise i would be in a mangled pile of german engineering somewhere in new mexico.

as soon as i reached houston (yeah now i recall), i jumped onto amazon and ordered this dvd set. wouldn't you know that i had to move to atlanta before amazon delivered it. so i ended up buying an audiobook of 'baudalino' to last me from atlanta to houston where i finally picked up 'jeeves & wooster'.

it was with great relish that i finally vewied the stories, many of which were picked from 'the inimitable'. i was fully satisfied. these are, go get a tub of moo goo gai pan and a smirnoff ice, fluff your pillows and get ready to laugh stories. the kind of entertainment you really enjoy. it was all i could do not to watch all of the episodes at once.

which reminds me, i gotta put the next set on my wish list.

Posted by mbowen at December 23, 2002 11:15 AM

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