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December 17, 2002

Dog Town Stoners

dog town and z-boys, last night on dvd. wow. no history of california would be complete without this.

i must have known, for a brief time, some of those kids. i went to paul revere junior high in the summer of 74 and i too skateboarded on that asphalt wave. for some reason, pulled from deep in my memory, i seem to know the names of alva and peralta, though i never read any skateboard magazine. i was also a junior lifeguard at venice beach in the summer of 75 and definitely adopted a 'locals only' mentality in our competitions against zuma and huntington. i also smoked weed in san diego county in summer camp with a dogtown stoner. his name was dan heffernan and he played guitar. coolest white kid i ever knew. we were strait buds. i wonder if i could ever find him again.

Posted by mbowen at December 17, 2002 03:35 PM

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