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January 23, 2003


the funniest evening i ever had in my life was at the houlihans at 42nd and lex, sometime in the winter of 91 or so. i sparked up a conversation with a brother who just happened to have a hilarious expression on his face as a young black woman in party clothes swished by. for the next hour and a half, we drank beers and continued crackin' at everybody of every stripe who walked into the bar. we were both busting each other up with laughter. i told him, man you ought to be a comedian. he said 'i am'. that brother was dave chappelle.

i have to remember that, and his last hbo special, because if i had been introduced to chappelle on the basis of last night's show on comedy central, i'd be less than impressed in multiple dimensions. (but, he'd still be better than martin lawrence).

the show was only good, so i was disappointed, but i did bust a gut once or twice. too uneven and not very well produced is my take. nevertheless, chappelle shows a great eye for sketch comedy with a level of outrageousness not seen since mr. show.

i do wonder why chappelle is not on hbo. i'm scratching my head on that.

for my money chappelle is one of the five funniest standup comics on the planet. the others? margaret cho, patton oswalt, eddie izzard & somebody else.

Posted by mbowen at January 23, 2003 09:09 AM

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