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August 25, 2003


Over at Vision Circle, where I attempt to be a bit more serious, I wrote a tentatively optimistic note on Project 21.

It is at this point that I speculate about several different things. The first is why the writers at Project 21 are not as good as I am. The second is how much traffic do they get vis a vis recognition as a website & as a real project. The third is how do people get hooked up into this racket and who approaches whom.

It turns out that a virtual acquaintance of mine, who is absolutely the best ally to have in a flamewar with maurading white supremacists, had some choice words about the group.

In short, Project 21 seems to have crashed and burned before the subsequent founding by some of its members of Headway Magazine and PoliticallyBlack.com, which have subsequently foundered and failed. This is an exercise in archeology.

UPDATE: More archeology - CD Ellison disses from the inside.

Posted by mbowen at August 25, 2003 08:22 PM

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