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September 04, 2003

The Demiurge

I really like the word 'demiurge'. Back in my 30s when I was reading Delaney's trilogy of Neveryon, I came across a feminist creation myth. It was amazing to hear. Around that time I was reading Robert Bly too, being fascinated by the power of myth and archetype, etc. So every once in a while I would hunt around for another creation myth - it was going to be my way of.. hmm. I don't even want to talk about it, but I had visions of being a great oral storyteller. I still might do so when I'm old enough. Telling creation myths seemed like a good start. So I found one from the Akan.

The Akan don't believe in life after death. They believe that the Supreme Being created both life and death. If the SB didn't respect its own creation, it couldn't be supreme. So it had to live and die. While the Supreme Being was alive, it created the Demiurge and the Demiurge subsequently created the Universe.

That's what demiurges do, they are all action. A demiurge is something you point and shoot. A demiurge gets things done; they are prodigious creators. A demiurge always has the indelible mark of its creator. Its actions are always exemplary of the mind of its supreme being. It is worth noting that no matter how grand the creations of a demiurge, the demiurge itself is not worthy of worship. A demiurge is not a god, rather like Bruce Almighty, it is an entity endowed with supernatural powers. A demiurge is reflexive, it is a sentient tool of fabrication, but it doesn't necessarily understand why it creates or the value of its creation.

I often think of human geniuses as those who approach demiurgic capacity. Since I am conservative, I do not expect to actually see God in people, rather the hand of God. Jesus is not coming back to the earth as a bum. There will be no further incarnation, but the demiurgic evidence of God's creation makes the work of God self-evident already. One needn't wait for a messiah among men. For the sake of brevity I'll simply say God's actual presence would destroy free will. God would not disrespect His own creation. So you can see that I think all messianics are deluded. So if I have a small gripe with the Nicene creed it might be that 'coming again in glory to judge the living and the dead'. I can't take it literally; I cannot see any particular generation of humans meriting the second coming. (On the other hand, this line of inquiry begs questions of our meriting a first coming, but I'll not go so deep. Let me just say that we may be the fifth instantiation of the Matrix). I would further argue that true genius is demiurgic. The prophets are demiurgic in their domain.

Posted by mbowen at September 4, 2003 08:09 PM

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