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September 06, 2003

Oh You Mean That La Raza

A bit to my amazement on NPR this afternoon, I caught a snippet of conversation mentioning 'La Raza'. I hope those of more journalistic discipline explain patiently for those who need it, the connections between GWBush's gubernatorial campaign in Texas and The National Council of La Raza. What I was hearing from one of their spokesfolks was that the Republican Party in Texas had an outreach program to Hispanics that was second-to-none. At some point we should all recall in 2000, all arms were open and lips smiling when GWBush was butchering his Spanish even handedly with his English butchery. Chances are NCLR was more than just casually involved in his presidential campaign as well.

Surely some sharp eyed blogger will find nice links between that La Raza, Hispanic lip service and GWBush's interests in assuring rhetorical feet stay out of mouths vis a vis California. Somebody is watching very carefully what AS will or will not say.

Between California and Texas, Republicans need to get their Latino story straight.

Posted by mbowen at September 6, 2003 11:11 PM

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