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September 13, 2003

Brooks & The Establishment

While I know that Orwell had some sort of falling out with his public school bretheren back in his day, I never read the book. It would probably do someone like myself a bit of good to do so, because I am drawn to chivalry.

I am hoping that David Brooks knows exactly what he is talking about when he speaks of the moral low pressure system at the peaks of our society because it certainly is fun to hear him skewer Bush and Dean. Since the theme of the day seems to be schadenfreude, it is altogether fitting that he should note his NTY essay on Bush & Howard Dean.

If you were to pick a presidential candidate on the basis of social standing and really, darling, who doesn't you'd have to pick Howard Brush Dean III over George Walker Bush. The Bush lineage is fine. I'm not criticizing. But the Deans have been here practically since Mayflower days and in the Social Register for generations. It's true Bush's grandfather was a Wall Street financier, a senator and a Yale man, but Dean's family has Wall Street financiers going back to the Stone Age, and both his grandfathers were Yale men.

Nicely done. So I guess the question on the minds of such Establishment types is how they can manage to condescend most properly with the masses. Isn't that what public service is all about?

Posted by mbowen at September 13, 2003 08:43 AM

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