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September 16, 2003


I used to like Martin Sargent. I just didn't realize how deep that rabbit hole went. Consistent with my theory that 90% of television is porno, TechTV is becoming the Fox News of the tech world.

Sometimes I wonder what I did to be born at the wrong time. You see, all I had was Mad Magazine when I was in highschool. I mean sure I learned how to bang on the newspaper machines so I could get a free copy of the porno sheet, and everybody knew that Adrian had a trunk full of Oui magazines. But that was about it in 1977. Today everything is porno.

Sargent, when he was on the Screensavers used to push the double-entendres very nicely. But every once in a while you could see Leo Laporte giving him the eye, like "What are you going to say this time?". Well have no fear, it's all out there now. Sargent is now bathing in his own lewd froth as host of Unscrewed. There's nothing stopping him now. He hosts what appears to be a nightly show with a truly babelicious chick who ought to be pilloried by the Enemies of Foine Black Girls Who Hang Out With Ugly Doofus Whiteboys.

The first time I watched the show, she was scowling half the time, apparently as disgusted as I was. But she must have gotten a pay raise or an increased dosage of Zoloft, because last night she was rollicking along for the ride. Well, I say to hell with the both of them. Or to the 13-19 year old suburban male demographic. Same difference.

The economic collapse cannot come soon enough.

Posted by mbowen at September 16, 2003 02:59 PM

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