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October 12, 2003

Blog as Amenuensis & Factotum

Every once in a while, like today, I get upset that I can't place my finger on a name or fact or reference. Right now I owe a big up to Joe Bob over in Yglesias' comment section for reminding me of the name of Steven Levitt.


You are thinking of Steven Levitt, currently with the University of Chicago. There was a profile of him in the NYT magazine a few weeks ago.

The analysis he wrote on this subject is titled 'An Economic Analysis of a Drug-Selling Gang's Finances.' You can view an abstract of it here:


Among his findings was that over the four-year period studied the typical street level dealer earned $6-$11/hour.

So if you see some notes in here that seem to make no contextual sense, know that I am making mental notes for reference at a future date. It'll probably go into Brain Spew.

Posted by mbowen at October 12, 2003 12:42 PM

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