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November 01, 2003

Ghost Not & Monster Zero

Xavier Moon, my new agent provocateur and a truly 4 dimensional chess player with a wicked wit challenges me with shotgun blasts of brain bomblets. As I assimilate, various blunt trauma tracks are here for the archive.


The Monster Zero and its correlate the Ghost Not are theories first expounded by Alan G. Carter and collaborators who wanted to develop methods as part of an industrial psychology project for teaching creative problem solving and programming. These are the two most powerful and IMOHO correct axioms of a more global framework. The entire framework has not been completed. Some of what was originally presented by Alan is flatly mistaken. However, if we take hegemonic culture M0 as the aggregate behaviour of neurotypical humans, and look at the effect of this culture on neuroexceptional and neuroarchaic human types, some interesting patterns begin to emerge. (fyi - I classify myself as a neuroarchaic type)

The Ghost Not - Key Points
Constantine Plotnikov

A. Ghost Not looks overcomplicated at first sight. I believe that there
should a be a simpler way of looking at it if the concept is to be refined.

B. The list of core ideas in consise form.

1. World exists.
2. It has consistent state because it exists.
3. People organize external world as maps.
4. These maps catch important - for these people - aspects of world and
allow conscious operations over world.
5. The map is not a territory.
6. People with "Ghost Not" think that their set of maps is a territory and
deny existance of anything that is not on the map.
7. People with "Ghost Not", when they are met with an incompatible Map,
dismiss any value of that map unless that map is supported by some
8. People with "Ghost Not", when they are met with incompatible phenomena,
try to explain it using their Map or dismiss the phenomena.
9. People without "Ghost Not", when they are met with an incompatible Map,
try to build a more generic map that describes phenomena that are described
by their map and the map of the other people.
10. "Ghost Not" was developed as adaptation mechanism to the Monster Zero

Posted by mbowen at November 1, 2003 11:54 AM

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