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November 05, 2003

Political Dimensions

I found myself trying to spoof the 2D political spectrum in blog news today. I simply cannot accept the label of Left Authoritarian. There's no wiggle room in a test designed to categorize people that way, so I refuse it. The only reason I took it in the first place was in hopes that I would prove an outlyer on the curve. But I suspect that the very algorithms behind the quiz have too few degrees of freedom to actually produce a good variety of responses. So I would try to prove that there are actually dead zones in the two dimensional chart - that the function is dysfunctional.

Anyway as anyone who has seen my litumus litany or understands the rudiments of XRepublic knows, I'm not expecting much more from today's tools lack of ability to capture nuance.

Posted by mbowen at November 5, 2003 05:04 PM

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