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November 06, 2003

Bourgie Intolerance

Folks have been blubbering uncontrollably about some white kids that got hit with a box of cookies by some black kids they insulted. The kids were all college kids which means there's an obscure point to be made about Affirmative Action and Who Deserves College and the miracle of Free Speech.

Since Balkin says Atrios was stuck with a nuisance lawsuit, it just adds to my ever expanding list of questions. After watching more blubbering today on MTV's 'Rich Girls' (yeah I know), by some kid named Michael who can't stop crying because his best friend won't let him spend the night - I mean it's really freaky how he goes from crying his eyes out and whimpering, to cursing rabidly and lashing out, it was an astounding scene. Anyway it occured to me in a patently un-radical way that rich people are running away with civility.

As you know, I am absolutely for a healthy amount of rough justice. Exactly how much that is, I don't know. But if we carried swords instead of concealed pistols, better yet if we carried a bit of martial arts skills instead of retained lawyers, we'd be a much more civilized nation.

Understand that so many sensitive souls are going to be offended by the offended blacks that they too will become offensive, and dammit somebody needs to go around and slap some faces. At the very least some martinis need to be tossed into those faces. Why? Because these limp-wristed pantywaists are mucking up the ideosphere, not to mention the courts, with their petty desires to smooth out all the bumps in life.

Imagine the following scenario. You are a provocateur who believes *totally* in free speech. In fact, you are on the verge of tenure, the accomplishment of a lifetime. Tomorrow, you decide that you are going to give a speech on the inferiority of African American women of French & India creole descent who attended Catholic Church in New Orleans during the 50s. I tell you in no uncertain terms "Don't talk about my mama, if you do, I'm going to kick your ass." You happen to be in good stead with some attorneys, I happen to be 200 pounds of pure muscle with a mean left hook.

The next day, I happen to be chillin' with my homies practicing my cardio-kickboxing when suddenly I hear "..and especially the ones that went to Dillard. What a bunch of sluts!" I not so casually stroll over to the podium, grab you by the neck and procede to give you a left handed pimp-slap with approximately 75 foot-pounds of force, an amout sufficient to bloody your nose and land you on your wobbly lard ass.

Is that honorable?

The question at bottom has to do with the propriety of fighting. So let's reverse the situation.

As I am pumping up the bass, I watch you walk by in your tweedy-elbow patchy getup. I call you a faggot. My homies laugh as you mince by a little bit faster. I log onto your blog and I write into your comments that you're just a big fag and that you just talk about my mother because you really want to freak me and you're just mad that you get no play. You call your attorney who writes me a cease and desist letter and demands a public apology or else I will be sued for libel. I tell you and your attorney to fuck off.

I recieve a summons to appear in court. I sell my car and drop out of college to pay for an attorney. After I've spent $7,000 in legal fees for retainer, filing briefs and motions, you agree to settle out of court for $1. Too late, I'm already broke. Is that honorable?

As anyone with half a brain understands, them who has, gets. But them who has also gets to fight 'fair', whereas the rest of us can only hope to frighten you to death with threats of physical violence.

If our honor is based on our willingness to submit to the law and the law presumes that the way that wealthy people fight is morally superior (i.e. legal) and the way that other people fight is not, what is to be done about honor?

Nothing. That's why we have a phrase in this society called 'going postal'. Ask any cop.

Posted by mbowen at November 6, 2003 12:59 AM

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I think the DNC should pay to send all 200 of those students to FLA in 04 to compete with the mob that the Republicans, if history is any indication, will send to intimidate ballot counters. Probably could have used them in KY and Alabama this year too.

Posted by: walter at November 6, 2003 08:48 AM