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November 07, 2003

Ghetto Games: Suicide

Suicide is played with the same setup as traditional handball. Small rubber ball, handball court. A tennis ball will do just fine. You need about 5 players at least to get a good game. Whoever has the ball throws it directly at the wall. Somebody else catches it on the fly or after it bounces or whatever.

Rule #1
At the very spot the ball is caught, it must be thrown back at the wall. You cannot move from the spot no matter how far you are from the wall or at what angle.

Rule #2
You cannot let the ball bounce between you and the wall. You can't drop it. However the ball touches your body or for whatever reason, you can't let it touch the ground before it hits the wall.

Simple right? With one huge psychological catch. If the ball drops, you get fired on an unlimited number of times by every other player in the game until you touch the wall. Brilliant.

So there are lots of strategies and tactics in Suicide. You need to place yourself right in the middle of the action. What counts is bravery. You want to catch the fast balls to show you've got skills. But if you are too close to the wall, they'll be too fast. If you are too far from the wall you might miss. Remember these handball courts are generally free standing walls about 20 feet high and 15 feet across, and you're a kid. Newbies generally play up close to the wall so they can get to it without being fired on. It doesn't always work. The game usually ends when somebody way in the back misses the wall and takes all the other players on a mad chase in all different directions.

A good game of 'Sui' has about 8-15 players. And really great games have two balls going at the same time. Brutal poetry.

Posted by mbowen at November 7, 2003 08:02 PM

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