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November 07, 2003

Ghetto Games: Stomp

Of the three main aggro sports of hood life, a Stomp is by far the most exciting. It is also the one most likely to end up in a real fight. It is also the one I like the least to get involved in although I've won one or two. I find stomps rather objectionable, even in retrospect, because a stomp has the fewest rules and is by far the most irrationally violent.

A stomp basically works like this. Somebody standing in a good sized crowd 6 or more, takes out a quarter, or better yet a 50 cent piece or a silver dollar, drops in into the middle of the crowd on the asphalt and yells "Stomp!". It's on. The objective: pick up the coin.

Anyone who has any hand contact with the coin can get fired on until they raise it above their head. What usually goes on is that the coin is kicked around until it rolls on its edge. You try to run parallel to it and snatch it up while it's rolling. Anyone who tries to pick up a stationary coin in the middle of the crowd usually ends up bloody, but that depends on the ferocity of the stomp. You never know.

The offensive tactic is getting one's foot on top of the coin while attempting to play it off like it's not your foot. The defensive tactic is shoving the person who has stomped the coin off of it.

As in the other games, some people stand around just waiting to get in a cheap shot. Some people really need the money. Some dare you to fire on them. Some are crazy bold. Sometimes a second coin adds to the frenzy.

Stomps are pure madness.

Posted by mbowen at November 7, 2003 08:53 PM

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