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November 14, 2003

Old School Core Values

I used to own the domain oldschoolrepublicans.net but I have let it drop. I was dividing my attention too many ways. As it is I still haven't done justice to my XR Project. But also I had a difficult time drumming up traffic. Heaven only knows where my black republican peers disappeared to. At any rate I've got the bases covered here and at Vision Circle. Still, it's important that I publish the Old School Core Values. I found that I couldn't Google them up and that was very disturbing. So I'll put them permanently here and blog them as well.

Old School Core Values:

We are African Americans of all backgrounds and ethnicities. We are proud of our heritage, and respect the lives, triumphs and tribulations of our forebears in this country and beyond. We aim to represent their greatest hopes for us and honor their memory.

The United States of America is our home, not simply by default but by choice. We take our duty to our home seriously and we defend it. We seek to improve it by our work and values and leave it better than we found it.

We are extended families and we put family first. It is the primary organization to which our lives are dedicated. We fight for the proper upbringing of our children. We demand respect and consideration of our elders. We love and support our brothers and sisters.

We work twice as hard and sometimes get half as far, but we work with dignity and we expect and enjoy our rewards. We are not materialistic but we know the value of a dollar. We seek self-improvement through creativity, dedication and effort in our jobs, businesses and partnerships.

We have abiding faith in God and the principles of righteousness. We strive to be true to transcendent values and take the long view of our purpose on Earth. We conduct ourselves as vessels of spirit and we guard our own souls and the souls of others from corruption.

We believe in the rule of law and rights of people to be free and to determine their own fate. We fight tyranny and oppression of all kinds keeping in mind the battles of those who struggled and died that we might be free.

We believe in a tolerant and open society, and we welcome all people to enjoy its benefits and responsibilities.

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