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November 14, 2003

Just Below the Surface

I'm going to indulge a little and poke whitefolks in the eye for a minute. But I'll be more specific and poke whitefolks from St. Louis who voted during the 80s. Every once in a while blackfolks get accused of being paranoid about race. But then somebody like say, Mark Fuhrman, gets outed and blackfolks say, where the hell were all you good whitefolks whan this person got power?

There's a villian in our midst who has just outed himself. He used to be a member of the St. Louis School Board. Elected. White Supremacist. There's a hero in this story however. ArchPundit exposed Earl P. Holt III.

I'm thinking about Law & Order, one of my favorite shows, and I really love it when Lt. Green gets to take down a racist. That would be a good dramatic show in itself. Law & Order EEOC. So maybe well see some action here. But isn't interesting that I see more of it on television than reported in the news?

Anyway this busting of Holt jibes with the Low Bullshit Guide to St. Louis. I wish more bloggers would handle this kind of local stuff. That's the power of the web. So one more poke whitefolks, stop whining about Affirmative Action and turn your hardball racists over to us. We'll reward you with kudos, we promise.

Posted by mbowen at November 14, 2003 10:08 PM

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Law & Order EEOC? Priceless. If you write the theme music, I'll bang out a draft of a script.

Posted by: George at November 16, 2003 12:17 PM

Oh, and one of the things I'm looking forward to at SXSW Interactive next March is "Block by Byte: Alternative City Guides," a panel on stuff like Craig's List and less like, say, AOL CitySearch.

Posted by: George at November 16, 2003 12:45 PM

Thanks Cobb. I have Vision Circle blogrolled already--I like it. BTW, LKS only lives a few blocks from good 'ole Earl.

One of Earl's running mates was trying to run for the Board of Alderman this spring and I kept screaming about it--no one listened. She lost fortunately, but you'd never know she was tied to the CofCC except a couple of us screaming about it and a last minute editorial in the Post-Dispatch.

Posted by: ArchPundit at November 17, 2003 09:21 AM