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November 14, 2003

There's a Man Going 'Round

Pandagon is taking names. Funny, I only recognize about half of them and I'm conservative. I think. Can I actually be a Republican if I don't bow down and worship at their feet? Certainly folks who like to claim black Republicans are idiots must think so. I'm not feeling defensive or anything, I just wanted to remind folks who I'm not. I can't stand Hannity or Coulter either. Freepers are really weird and truly gullible.

I think Tucker Carlson, now that he has moved on from the dweeb seat on CNN's Crossfire, is a bit less of a annoying drip than we have all been led to believe. Some of his confessions in Salon make be feel a bit sorry for him.

The rest of the list can burn in Hell, I suppose. Makes no difference to me.

Posted by mbowen at November 14, 2003 10:45 PM

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just saw a new book on black conservatives at border's. looked like a STRONG contribution to the literature. you should check it out. don't have the title on me, but i know "black conservative" or "black conservatism" is in the title.

Posted by: Lester Spence at November 15, 2003 09:25 AM