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November 17, 2003

Live From Boise

I'm here in Boise Idaho. Of course I forgot my power cable so I won't be blogging during my most productive hours. It's a cool place so far. It has the flavor of Seattle without the crowds, and the steaks are magnificent.

There's a bit of snow up in the hills behind downtown (to the north) but the weather in town is in the crisp 40s without wind. The autumn flowers are in full descent and there's a nice layer of sycamore on most of the sidewalks.

I went to see the Matrix again, this time to enjoy it as a pure sci-fi kinda deal. It worked, and I actually saw things I didn't see the first time. I can also say that I can live with this version of the Oracle.

Stay tuned.

Posted by mbowen at November 17, 2003 07:53 AM

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Bro, the steak's got to be good, but you can't leave Idaho without some potatoes, too! Enjoy your time up there.

Posted by: George at November 17, 2003 05:41 PM

Yes it's true I am the only black person I have seen since I left the airport. There were three guys hanging out near the ticketing area. I couldn't tell whether they were porters or transportation folks.

This evening, I had Italian - Lobster Ravioli with a couple big prawns in the middle. It was OK as was the bottle of Shiraz. Steve, Carlos, Rabin and myself talked about the global economy, the future of XML, the fact that Bill Gates' mother was on the board of IBM, the cost of dentistry, and some other stuff I can't remember after my BAC went over .08. Rabin and I are going to make a shitload of money, if my instincts are any good. Import - Export.

Everybody seem embarassed to talk about potatoes. But Tuesday I'm going to bring it up. There's also a significant Basque community here in Boise. So I'm going to get into that with John. He's a good guy, mirror of my career in the software company.

There's a great restaurant in this hotel plaza, the Owyhee. I'm saving my nickels because I hear the buffalo is excellent. They've got venison and all the other kinds of gamey game here. But it's 30 bucks a plate so I've got so be sparing. You can smell it as you walk by. Amazing.

I got a whole bunch of pictures today, but since I didn't bring my USB cable, I can't upload them. This weekend, I'll do that.

Posted by: Cobb at November 17, 2003 09:12 PM