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March 31, 2004

Condi Rice & Black Liberals

If you hang around black socialists for a long enough time, you're certain to get headaches. Right about now the hand-wringing is at an all-time high: Condi Rice is about to shoulder the entire Bush Administration.

Like most liberals, black radical liberals wish to take responsibility for assuring everyone in the world will be free of racist oppression. Those of a more educated stripe as befits their higher status in the bourgiosie, look for quite subtle slights, especially those suffered by those like Condi Rice who ought to be queens somewhere in New Nubia. According to such schools of thought, the higher their status in America, the more tragic it is that they will face the same ugly debilitating racism as the rest of us, nevermind the fact that they are not debilitated and seldom even embarrassed. (Still everyone waits for the memoirs when the race card is bound to show the secret suffering.) And so as Rice approaches the stand with the world watching, certain blackfolks will be on point observing the forces of racist hegemony work against she who should be a righteous black sistah. Can you say Anita Hill? While there is certainly nothing inherently wrong with anti-racist activism of any stripe, there is very little that can be learned from how Class Three Racism affects the most powerful class of African Americans.

Of course Condi Rice is a Republican (from way back) and thus earns the emnity of all leftists. This is as it should be and so she earns a tidy amount of dismissive disgust, heavy on the disgust. Rice, like Powell cannot be dismissed. In these days post-MLK and post-X there is a tendency to look for the black leader. And many attending to the fate of African America in our semi-opaque world of culture and ideas seek to exemplify aspects of our unique character and strength in the person of publically recognizable figure. Bill Cosby as the black father is such a Fungible. That counts for negative roll models as well. Thus Condi is often villified and hung in political effigy as a classic example of a sell-out, Uncle Tom and or traitor to the Struggle.

Ironic aint it?

Not to the radicals. Such messages actually combine to make Rice a victim. Ahh. Now it makes sense.

Posted by mbowen at March 31, 2004 07:54 AM

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Tracked on March 31, 2004 08:42 AM


You're on the money here!

I'm sure all the networks will go wall-to-wall with the coverage, in order to both cast Rice as the "unwitting victim" of the "eeeeeevil" Bush Administration; and then once she demonstrates just how strong she is, she'll be cast as the villian, and Dick Clarke as the Depends-wearing victim.

Posted by: mhking at March 31, 2004 08:44 AM

Can you say Clarence Thomas?

Posted by: CB at March 31, 2004 09:55 AM

She is going to DESTROY her naysayers....Condi ain't nobody's black, female, please help my poor soul, victim-for-life.

And hey!! Nice blogsite, Cobb. 'Preciate you not being an intellectual house n----r for white liberals. (Did I say the N word? AHHHHH!! Please don't ban me.)

I'm sooooo sick of some of our fellow blacks calling themselves Registered Independent Voters.......and know damn well they can't think outside the Hate-Whitey Victimology box, let alone vote differently.

I tell 'em: "Check the voting record. Most of us are on the wrong side of everything."

At least I can get some ADULT intellectual thoughts going back & forth with cats like you, Mike King & Lashawn.

Posted by: Beau at March 31, 2004 11:01 AM

I figure that Condi Rice has come upon her current position mostly by virtue of talent and hard work. I figure her eyes are wide open, that she's fully aware of the significance of being woman in her post, and of being an African American in her post. She knows what she's doing -- at least as much as anyone can really "know" what they're doing in such a position of high visibility and extreme vulnerablity to the chaotic butterflies of history and public opinion.

I don't like her boss and his policies, but give the woman the dignity of her inalienable rights as a human being.

Posted by: bill benzon at March 31, 2004 03:10 PM

i think giving her dignity means giving her agency. which means accepting that she isn't a tool...or rather if she IS being used, she's also doing some USING. it also means recognizing what her strengths are. she is hard core, and a fierce fighter.

but she's also an ideologue, with a tendency to fabricate. she, like most of her colleagues, does not have the requisite skills needed to perform her job. there is a reason why her vita as a professional political scientist is slim. and it is not solely driven by her own professional aspirations.

Posted by: lks at April 1, 2004 08:15 AM

It is difficult to say what place an old cold warrior like Rice is doing in the current administration, although there is little doubt that she was up on that subject. How many people have been called Kremlinologists? Only she and Brzinsky come to mind.

But that is really the crux of this confrontation between Rice and Clarke. He's the new warrior and she represents the old guard.

Of all Bush's cabinet, few stand out at all. Rice stands out because of who she is, not necessarily what she does, so this is a showdown which must make her shiver a bit. I don't doubt however, that her association with the Bushes will make her ballsy enough to throw daggers at Clarke. He was *put* out of the loop, and if that was Condi's decision she had better stick by it. But her competence against his competence is a battle she had better not fight. The blame will come down on the PNAC crew and Cheney, but Rice will take the bullet. Perle and Wolfowitz may get away scot free.

Posted by: Cobb at April 1, 2004 11:12 AM