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May 05, 2004

Star Sighting: Forest Whitaker

I saw Forest Whitaker the other day. Actually it was over a week ago Sunday, I think. We were at the Natural History Museum at Exposition Park.

I don't know what is considered the appropriate way to say something to a movie star. So I told the kids that there's a guy who went to school with Auntie K. Since I know he went to Pali around the same time I was supposed to be there, I mentioned it that way. Not that the kids would have seen any of his films or recognized the big lug. I'm not sure he was very popular at Pali either, not like Lisa N. or Tracy B. aka Dewey Dolphin. But I digress.

Like me, he seemed to be on Daddy duty, showing his troops the butterflies in the outdoor aviary specially hooked up for butterflies and moths. It's really a cool exhibit; I didn't realize we had Monarchs in So Cal nor huge Luna Moths. But there they were, fluttering around to the delight of all the kids.

I had my moment as F and I stared non-chalantly at the pupa display. I tried mightily to think of some line from Ghost Dog, my favorite movie of his (Smoke is a close second). But I just thought it would be too tacky even if I could.

Forrest, if you're out there, good looking out. Maybe our kids can play together another day.

Posted by mbowen at May 5, 2004 11:30 AM

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