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May 07, 2004

Condi's Black Ops

Nobody wants to give Condi Rice five on the black hand side. Her image is so overloaded by the tirades of the tired black radical left that she's not even considered a person any longer, much less one with a heart and a soul.

But as Crispus has discovered, Condi has been engaged (gasp!) in Black Ops. So there.

I'm not down with the role monkey circus, so I'm not going to spend a lot of time saying how wonderful a person Rice may or may not be. But something about her choice of associates is pretty interesting to me. I'm speaking of Jendayi Frazer in particular. In fact, by looking at the pictures here, it appears that the entire Republican agenda on AIDS is run by blackfolks, not all of whom are even Republicans.

BTW, it's good to see and hear black libertarians. While I think most American Libertarians might as well be French for the amount of practical influence they have on Congressional Legislation it's always nice to hear them speak up, as they often have notable things to say on matters of economics and (of course) Liberty. And there's a good chance that black Libertarians could neutralize some of their post-modernist yuppie crap in the process. So long as they're not Socialists or Anarchists, I consider them on my side of the fence. More power to them.

Posted by mbowen at May 7, 2004 03:53 PM

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Thanks for linking to my article.

I assumed Jendayi Frazer was some young black Republican whippersnapper who Dr. Rice was grooming for the future, especially since my initial cursory Google search on her turned up little. Your intrigue prompted me to do extended research on her. It turns out that Frazer is a close friend of a key minister within Robert Mugabe's (totalitarian) Zimbabwean regime. The British and South African press have described her as a "black American with radical views" (& within articles' context, it sounded like they meant Leftist views). She also did a NSA stint under President Bill Clinton. Friendship aside, why is Condi bigging up a Leftist for our foreign policy arena?

I think Constance Newman is a Republican though, as she is a former board member of the International Republican Institute (which promotes democracy and free enterprise worldwide)

Posted by: shay at May 7, 2004 04:52 PM

Frazer seems to be in deep cahoots with HIV/AIDS activists in Africa, so anything she can do on that front is worthwhile. In the end, until we change the rules of the State Department which says our government officials *must* deal with their government officials, then attaches are going to be drinking cocktails with some unsavory characters. Bottom line is that she's loyal to the US. Socialists are well motivated to do third world medicine well, that's all good.

Posted by: Cobb at May 8, 2004 10:55 AM

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