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May 08, 2004

Karen Bankhead is Comin' Clean

The theatre scene in Los Angeles is a mixed bag. One thing that everybody agrees on is that it's not New York. But it's not really Los Angeles either. So the production that goes on is more often a labor of love than anything that resembles 'a scene'.

Into this state of affairs jumps Karen Bankhead, just the sort of person who does it from the heart. Her latest comedy "Comin' Clean" is a double bill playing Tuesdays at the Masquer's Caberet on West 3rd near La Cienega.

I don't usually write up shows I haven't seen, but as company at the Game Bar at the end of Melrose last night, Karen's sparkle inspired me. There are very few people who can crack up a table demanding her to 'say something funny' with one word. Imagine what she can do with an entire script.

Karen harks back to the old school of the Inner City Cultural Center and the Inglewood Playhouse and revitalizes the new black drama circuit with her own brand of lighter entertainment. Don't expect any mind-bending political trickeration a la Suzanne Lori-Parks, just some good old fashioned fun for the people. And one more thing, this is dinner theatre, so you can get your grub on.

Check it.
323 653 4848 for reservations.

Posted by mbowen at May 8, 2004 10:48 AM

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