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July 15, 2004

Pinoy Punks

There are so many hugely important things going on in the world that I simply don't have time nor the inclination to discuss at length. And yet I must at least take a poke at a few... Today I'm on full jingo isolationist snark.

The Philippinos are punking out of Iraq. Yeah, sorta, and so what anyway. On the one hand, we've turned over sovereignty to the Iraqis and now the country exactly resembles any tinpot joint just after a coup. Provisional government cracking down. The only difference is the US Army is there en masse instead of a few hundred military advisors and CIA types. What people seem to be forgetting (and I almost did) is that the US Army means that many thousands are not being disappeared, raped, pillaged and burned as is usually the case in such tinpot situations. So ordinarily we'd all be outta Dodge, but GWBush is bound and determined to prove he's a kind and gentle type Emperor, which he is. So we're saving ordinarily disposable lives. Yeah it's thankless, yeah we'll go back to the Powell Doctrine, bomb and split.

On the other hand, I mean who needs 'em? Part of this whole coalition fever makes mountains out of molehill countries. Their participation in this nation-building exercise only props up false notions of international agape. But that ain't real, execpting that it's real expensive. What a horrible way to stumble into the 21C, with a non-mandated president pulling geopolitical mandates out of the CIA's ass. An international coalition is a clever figleaf for mollifying the internationalists, but I guess we've done that too many times. Now they're taking themselves seriously.

Who runs them islands anyway? Aquino? Are we out of Subic? Don't they have their own Islamofascists too? Hmm. There's the backstory, maybe we failed somewhere on that WOT front. Jimaa Islamia...

Posted by mbowen at July 15, 2004 11:03 PM

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