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July 17, 2004

From the Kitchen Table on McW

McWhorter beats the NAACP about the face and head. Various Bowens comment.


there was a time when i would have dashed off a heavy duty letter of

life and age being what they are, all i now feel inclined to do is say,


I saw this letter to the Times and said EXACTLY the same thing. Fact of the mater is there are countless of us who share these very same sentiments.

Additionally there were some well-thought letters written to the Times on the lack of "Outrage" expressed when blacks shoot, beat and exploit each
other. "So long as it's not the LAPD landing the blows, nobody cares how many balcks are beat up south of the 10 FWY"

This is a point well-made and unfortunately, conservative, law-abiding, educated blacks are the LAST place liberal newspapers go for "a word from the
hood" when something goes down between law enforcement and blacks.

One last little point. Bill Cosby made some great remarks at the NAACP's annual meeting recently. he said , in so many words, "You (refering to black men) need to stop beating your women, get an education and stop taking your frustrations out on the world because you can't get much more than a minimum wage job."


It's worth noting that Pops is the liberal standard bearer in the clan with Dutz to his immediate left. Doc and I stand to the right. Deet is less political and more inclined towards interpreting the life of Christ. I''ll see if I can get him to speak on it.

Posted by mbowen at July 17, 2004 01:29 PM

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I have my own Fantasy Condi speech for the NAACP.

I'd be interested in your comments.

Do you think Bush could make inroads into the Black vote this year? I'm not sure. I think education, school choice, and vouchers, should be the key issue.

Posted by: Tom Grey at July 23, 2004 07:01 AM