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August 02, 2004

College Did Not Prepare Me

College didn't prepare me for life.

I wonder how many graduates are willing to say so. I think it's something they all know to be true, but are loathe to admit outside of their own little circles. If this little secret got out, I think a significant part of American society would collapse.

This is a pro-Affirmative Action argument. Think about it. Well, actually it's more of an anti-standardized test argument which can be used as an pro-Affirmtive Action argument.

I'm reflecting on the entire deal surrounding the two dudes who wrote the musical comedy 'Avenue Q' as they were interviewed by Terri Gross today. How is it that one becomes an English major without the understanding that life sucks? How naive are our college grads today, and what does that say about the difference between a 1100 and a 1250 on the SAT?

Second world, man.

BTW, I don't generally do hat tips. But I've got to give props to G for hipping me to a blogger who's transcribing the experiences of a friend who's checking out China.

Posted by mbowen at August 2, 2004 02:03 PM

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