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August 11, 2004

In Retrospect

Barbara Boxer asked a dumbass question this evening in her debate will Bill Jones. It went a little something like this: If you knew then what you know now about Iraq, would you have voted for War?

I didn't hear Jones' response but I know it couldn't have been as good as this:

Hell Yes!

What I Know Now:

I don't see how I would know any of those things had we only kept the No Fly Zones in operation and let yet another gaggle of inspectors poke around. Any more questions?

Posted by mbowen at August 11, 2004 12:01 AM

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The cirmcumstances surrounding Chaliabi should be unsettling to anyone paying any attention. The intellegence agencies had it right when they said he can't be trusted, or so it now seems.

The UN Oil for Food Program was known to be corrupted long before the "invasion" of Iraq.

Libya has been trying to get back on the U.S.'s good side for some time now. Gary Hart has written 2 op-ed pieces showing a timeline of Libya's attempts to use him to get on Washington's "good side." Another senator, whose name I don't remember, has written an op-ed saying the same thing.

Posted by: DarkStar at August 11, 2004 05:28 AM

There was a debate? I'd'a thought they would have publicized it.

One of the few stories I can find on Google is in the San Francisco Chronicle, which says that Boxer out-boxed Jones.

Posted by: Mike at August 11, 2004 01:38 PM

KPCC aired it last night at 7pm. I only caught a little of it in which Boxer bragged about how she was working with Republicans to get the Bakersfield Oilfields sold and operational. But it was a recap of the questions that caught my attention. That was at about 7:18pm

Why do I remember these things?

Posted by: Cobb at August 11, 2004 01:48 PM