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September 10, 2004


I've written that I don't know what to think of Italians. That may be true, but Italian-Americans: we're dogs.

One of my homies from NY and I agree on damned near everything except one: Rudy Giuliani. We both loved him from the beginning up and until Diallo, at which point I kicked him to the curb, especially after he had Carl McCall arrested during a protest. And though I'm glad he rounded up the squeegee pests, I was real keen on his falling out with Chief Bratton. My sentiments were with, and still are, with NYC's former and LA's current Chief of Police. Luima, we don't even need to talk about. So that was three strikes against a guy I used to respect and admire. If Giuliani were a martini, he'd be ice-cold with prime Stoli vodka. But his arrogance added just too damned much vermouth, so I poured him down the drain.

Like a lot of harheaded skeptics, I wasn't prepared to call anybody a hero for doing their job >= nine-eleven. I just don't have that kind of thing in my constitution. People who do admirable jobs do admirable jobs. Medals are for soldiers. But clearly, aspects of the old Rudy shone through, especially because America was not in the mood for too much vermouth in those days. But since I am long gone from NYC and also pleased with various aspects of Bloomberg, I wasn't expecting Rudy to recover.

As it happens, I found this over at Negrophile spoken by none other than Diallo's dad:

"We think at last he has become a good leader," Diallo said in an interview last week. "Because of what he did on Sept. 11th."

"We hope that he has changed. I hope that if he wants to become a leader for the country that he has changed for the better. I think he has the potential."

Huh? What?

If you ask me today who I'd rather have represent my kind of Republican to the nation, I'm not sure you could do much better than Pataki, Giuliani and Whitman. You could throw Arnold into that too, but I prefer the career guys. In fact, I prefer Giuliani because of his background as a prosecutor. He knows where the law and order rubber meets the road, no cheesy legislator or baby-kissing pol he. I like that in my political dudes. I don't believe he has a political future, but I like the stuff he's made of, whereas creatures like Tom DeLay, Phyllis Schlafly and Carl Rove make my head hurt and the back of my throat tingle. I like very much that New York Republicans make Schlafly's stomach upset, but enough with the metaphors of malaise.

If Rudy G has a political future, I think he would be a damned fine replacement for Hillary Clinton. Unlike many on my side of the aisle neither Clinton raises my blood pressure. I could take them or leave them, and although I never trusted Bill, I think he admirably kept his head on when the VRWC was losing its and blaming everything on him. Even though he got creamed in the end, Clinton played defense better than GWBush whom if he loses will be considered the biggest putz in history.

If I were a New Yorker, and I had the option, I'd want to hear something from Bratton, but then I'd very likely vote for Giuliani for Senate in a heartbeat. Then me and my dogs could have a cold one and some sausages on 7th Ave at Tonio's. That would be nice.

Posted by mbowen at September 10, 2004 10:49 PM

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I agree with you.

Actually, I was hoping to see Giuliani get the DCI post, although Porter Goss is not a bad choice.

With Rudy as DCI on top of his experience in New York, there are several of us who find he and Dr. Rice to be great candidates on an 08 presidential ticket. Especially, if you take into account there is no clear "heir apparent" after Bush. I don't know enough about Pataki to have a opinion either way there.

Posted by: Joel (No Pundit Intended) at September 11, 2004 08:06 AM

I'm sorry, but Rudy's behavior when his term was nearly up was disgusting. He wanted to stay in office, for the power, not for any other reason.

Then there's the issue of standing with the police officers during a rally, and him not saying anything when they were chanting that Dinkins was a n****r.

Or the fact that he flat out lied about "no blue wall of silence."

Or the fact that he delcared there were no mafia problems in NY. Well, I guess the non-existant mafia showed him when they burned down the fish warehouse.

Posted by: DarkStar at September 11, 2004 11:49 AM