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October 18, 2004

Pulling the Lever

There's a new play opening in NYC off Broadway by the Rising Circle Theatre Collective that's all about elections and how people come to think about the decisions they make about voting and democracy itself.

When talking to the cast in rehearsal, I frequently use the analogy of onions being peeled. The whole onions at the top of the show are the characters being seen as simply 'that guy in the coffee shop', 'that woman in the airport', 'that Republican', 'that liberal', etc. But as the play progresses, the layers of the onions are removed and the audience is exposed to the feelings and stories that inform, not only the characters' political perspectives, but also who they are as people. I hope that the audience will experience both recognition of the familiar and a better understanding of the unfamiliar. I hope the show reveals the personal side of political perspectives and highlights the importance of making a choice that will help shape how our country relates to itself and the world.

In an inteview with the principals of the company, NYTheatre.com looks at how the project came about and details about Rising Circle. It's not a coincidence that one of them is named Bowen. He's my cousin and he's really a sharp cat. Do check it out, and if you're in NYC, go see it!

Posted by mbowen at October 18, 2004 08:51 AM

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