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October 30, 2004


There's nothing so delicious as being wrong and getting away with it. That's what I've been doing regarding Prop 66 the past few days. Fortunately, by leaguemates XLRQ and Patterico have done for me what I promise to do for my children - not allow failure. So I owe them, and Briget Johnson of the WSJ my debt of gratitude for giving me the slap I needed.

NO ON 66

Posted by mbowen at October 30, 2004 09:24 AM

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One of the most difficult things someone can do is to be wrong and admit it. I say: good for you.

Now go tell all your friends to vote against this dangerous initiative!

Posted by: Patterico at October 30, 2004 01:04 PM

Your central argument in the beginning still holds though. Are you now saying that the individual anecdotes are generalizable? You know we can use individual stories to serve any spin we want...but what does the data say?

What sticks out to me here are a few different points:

*The reason why Congress is bicameral is in order to calm the passions of the masses. Referendas skirt logic and reason pretty nicely in many cases.

*Is it simply an urban legend that California allocates prison space based on the number of non-white 3rd graders and extrapolating forward?

*The argument about judges is important. Should it now be tossed aside?

Posted by: Lester Spence at October 30, 2004 08:22 PM

The issues are convoluted enough for me to say whoa. The confidence that I had that says 'do no harm' has been beat back by doubt.

Then I think about the fundamental guts of the situation. What kind of person ends up on the bad side of criminal court three times and how much bleeding need our hearts do for them?

Secondly, the point about the case review provisions of Romero is very well taken. So this mitigates against my argument about lack of judicial oversight.

Posted by: Cobb at October 31, 2004 03:05 PM