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December 01, 2004


Now here's something I like. It's called Plazes. It answers the question, where ya at?

Plazes is the first global location-aware interaction and geo-information system, connecting you with the people and Plazes in your area and all over the world. It is the navigation system for your social life.

Plaze = Location + People

A Plaze is a physical location with a local network - private or public, wired or unwired. A Plaze constitutes of the information about the actual location like pictures, comments and mapping information, as well as the people currently online at that Plaze.

This, enabled for broadband wireless is going to enable smartmobbing at a small scale. Crew hookups is what's likely to happen. It will be fairly extraordinary.

Posted by mbowen at December 1, 2004 08:46 AM

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