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December 08, 2004

Spence on the NAACP

My man Spence has put together an amazingly concise breakdown of the structural problems of the NAACP.

In my experience, I have noticed symptoms of the problems with the organization, especially in my dealings in Boston in the early 90s. I had not, in my dismissals understood that they were structural, rather I assumed that they were the result of failed leadership. Having some history with black organizations, I was very aware with the kinds of folks most attracted to the kinds of platform an NAACP position offered. So my interpretation of 'incapable' as a description of the organization always presumed a political and philosophical roadblock. Now I see the kinds of things the organization can never address as they are constituted. Smells like opportunity.

Nevertheless, anyone who would have any expectations of the NAACP should read Spence's analysis in order to better understand its limits.

Posted by mbowen at December 8, 2004 10:21 AM

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