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December 19, 2004

Gearhead Nostalgia

You remember the Maxell commercial where the guy in the black leather jacket is sitting in front of his stereo and he clicks the remote and the Wagner blasts him across the room like a hurricane? I have spent the past 3 hours incredulously ogling the stereo equipment that first blew my mind. At eBay and various places around the net I have found the objects of my first techno lusts. web4251b_sae2800_Sml_J05.jpg

It starts with the fabulous Setton RS 440 reciever. The first reciever with a midrange equalizer control. It continues with the first solenoid cassette deck, the Sony TC-K6. Then the JBL L212 was the first home stereo system with subwoofer. We used to hook them up to the big Soundcraftsmen amp and the (Oh My God) SAE Parametric Equalizer and the JBL L220s.

There has been quite a transformation in the recording industry since the advent of digital. And I spent and evening last night at the new Sam Ash store in Torrance blowing a wad of cash trying to deal with it. If I have a weakness that hits me in the pit of my gut it is for rack mounted electronics. I am surely more vulnerable to the knobs and dials and blinking lights and wires than to anything else in the universe without a throbbing uh, nevermind...

Posted by mbowen at December 19, 2004 03:08 PM

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You really might like the magazine Tape Op, with lots of off-center gear reviews and DIY punk rock ways of recording. Also lots of gear lust ads you won't find in MIX.

Posted by: Chap at December 20, 2004 11:58 AM