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December 24, 2004

Prediction Review: 2004

A reivew of my predictions. And the big thing I should have said if I really knew anything in bold.

Tech IPOs will make a comeback. (sorta)
Linux makes no inroads to the desktop. (yes)
Halo2 breaks all console videogame records. (yes)
Microsoft is reborn. People will say Gates has done it again. (not really)
Microsoft brands a PC. (no)
Apple ports more Windows software. (no)
iPod makes it big.

GOP breaks ranks over spending & civil liberties. (yes)
Brokered Democratic Convention. Dean/Gephardt/Clark (no)
Blogs break a major scandal and get tongue wagging approval from skeptics. (yes)
Term limits lose support. (no)
Taxation comes back via 'fees'. States use clever rhetoric, fool nobody. (sorta)
Bush Wins.

Arts & Culture
Hiphop sweeps the Grammys (dunno)
Reality TV shows bite the dirt. (sorta)
A new cult TV show is born in the tradition of Buffy (actually no)
Children's fashion gets trashy. (sorta)
Digital music pervades. RIAA gains a prominent political foe. (yes and no)
People get sick of Merlot. Shiraz gains even more ground. (dunno)
Harry Potter 3 is a massive critical success. (yes)

Chargers leave San Diego (no)
No Americans medal in Olympic gymnastics despite hype. (no)
Tiger Woods gets the Grand Slam. (no)
Venus Williams quits / gets injured. (sorta)
The Greek Olympics are a big dud. (yes)
The Fall of Kobe Bryant
Red Sox Win!

Assisted Suicide gains support. (no)
A huge hack/worm gives put computer security in the headlines. (no)
Americans invent more stupid reasons to hate France. (yes)
Gay Marriage proposals backfire.

Single State theory gains ground in Israel/Palestine. (no)
Most American forces leave Iraq. (hell no)
Dollar Plunges
Saddam Captured

SARS hits US (not even)
FDA Losing credibility.

Business & Finance
Outsourcing backlash gets fierce. (yes)
Dow 11,000 (very close)
NASDAQ 2100 (pretty much nailed it)

and next to another venture of folly.. 2005.

Posted by mbowen at December 24, 2004 07:28 PM

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If only you had been right about reality TV (shakes head with dismay.)

OT - Thank you for blogging this year. I always find interesting opinions and links at your site.

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Posted by: Janette at December 24, 2004 09:24 PM