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January 11, 2005

Torrents of the LA River

Now that the rain has let up for a moment, I brought my camera to see if I could get some nice shots of what LA looks like when the skies are perfectly clear. But then I remembered that there's still water coming through the city. So on my way to work this morning, I stopped by the First Street bridge and took some photos and video of the LA River. It's scary.

The first thing you notice is the roar. As you look at this water, which must be moving along at 15 or 20 knots, judging by the bow waves made by the massive concrete feet of the bridge, you can just feel the power it must have. The longer you look, the more it seams like there ought to be more noise than you hear.

The water itself is a muddy brown with a hint of orangish clay. It flows thickly and swiftly. There seems not to be enough whitewater for the speed at which it is going, but that must be because its thick with the accumulated mud and offal of the upstream communities.

Stay tuned for pictures.

Posted by mbowen at January 11, 2005 01:45 PM

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