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January 15, 2005

Lucy Florence is Back

I keep getting mail from Ofari which contradicts something that I heard a while ago which was the Lucy Florence lost their lease. So how as it that the National Alliance was still having their Saturday meetings? This morning I shot down to Liemert Park to see what was up, and to my surprise, Lucy Florence is back and better than before.

The Twins have taken over the Degnan building's northeast corner. There's a lot more space and what they've done with the place is fabulous. They've got what appears to be a stage in the back room, a small gallery that doubles as a meeting room and several very comfortable meeting rooms down the hall. The place is charming and lot less claustrophobic when full due to the high cielings. There's something about this new place, probably because it is in an older building, that really soaks up the charm and radiates it much better than the old joint. That said, I have new reasons to head there when I get through the city.

What Liemert Park needs is to become a tour bus stop. Somebody ought to figure out how to make that happen, because as one of the Twins said today, it's an excellent walking place. A steady stream of tourist dollars could work wonders for that area. Most folks I know, including me, have about as many paintings and scuptures as our walls and bookcases can handle, but there are many many others than just the folks I know, and Liemert Park deserves the business.

So if you get the chance, do be reminded that Lucy Florence is not dead, but alive and kicking. And the breakfast was great.

Posted by mbowen at January 15, 2005 04:06 PM

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