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January 17, 2005

Disowning Success

It turns out that there's a pretty hot thread about Absolute Poverty & Black Empowerment that I started at Vision Circle which migrated over to P6. The new hot thread is called 'So What'. I weigh in again.

Did you ever wonder why black power activists hate Nelly as much as they hate Condoleeza Rice? Because both of them have power, influence and money gained from their mastery of systems that deliver such things. Black power activists have no mastery of any systems which deliver power, influence or money. That's why they're such strident moralists - its the only realm where their rhetoric works. And so they use tools of shame and pride as stick and carrot on the black masses. They have nothing else to give. They are the enemies of competence.

To answer the question 'So What' is to give some perspective on the size of the domain that America cedes to the black power activist. This is the default 'black vote', who unlike the rest of the country, is unable to separate issues like slavery (and whatever else) from their bread and butter issues. Why? Because 'black leaders' tell them so, they have a separate and distinct moral universe from the rest of the world. And so they continue to believe that what the rest of the world knows or has learned does not apply to them. It's a trap.

At this point I should take a moment to pub up the activism of Ted Hayes who will be staging a rally downtown in LA in support of Condoleeza Rice tomorrow Tuesday Jan 18th. I met him this weekend at Ofari's. We got into it with another sister who can't stand Rice or her 'master', GWBush.

Eventually, she had to turn her back on us and find a less confrontational area of the cafe. But she had nothing to say about Rice's work against AIDS in Africa or any of her other 'Black Ops'.

I am coming to believe that many black power activists have no idea how to appeal to African Americans who are not dysfunctional. They are literally making success their enemy. For them, it is more important to network with the black man in prison than the black man in business. I understand, respect and recognize the fact that a certain aspect of our political responsibility is to the least of our brothers. Without noblesse oblige, we are savages. But when the politics of uplift have no vision of success beyond 'black survival', they need to be dismissed. That's worse than the legacy of white liberalism, because at least some of those whites had limousines.

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