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April 10, 2005

Two Scary Stories

Protien Wisdom is trolling for a scary plot. Here it is. Al Quaeda infects Columbian cocaine with smallpox.

It's actually a very simple scenario which doesn't take a whole lot of doing. The actual intel necessary doesn't seem to be insurmountable. What makes the story interesting is that it strikes countries that are currently off the map with regard to MSM coverage of the WOT. We already know that narco-nations are highly sophisticated in moving the world's supply of cocaine and heroin products. We already know that they have access into every city in the US and all over the world. We already know that they are capable of mind-boggling logistics. We know that SARS freaked everybody out when less than 500 people died.

So there it is.

The second scary story is a series of pulse bombs strategically placed by a psychotic insider at Citibank IT. Imagine all of Citibank's computer records erased. Trillions disappear overnight. The FDIC goes broke. China liquidates its American bond holdings. The full faith and credit of the US is damaged to the extent that the loonies who hate us for no good reason at all are emboldened. We are forced into a standoff daring the EU from constraining our trade as German, British and French banks buy up ours like the Japanese did with American real estate in the 80s. Red & Blue Americans start gunfights in the streets.

Posted by mbowen at April 10, 2005 09:24 AM

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Surely Citibank does offsite backup.

It's something that used to drive me crazy about Star Trek in all its manifestions: NO redundancy or firewalls in a computer system that controlled navigation, communications, life support, and everything else. Along with no seat belts or even hanging straps on the bridge, and no circuit breakers.

Posted by: Laura at April 10, 2005 03:29 PM

Smallpox in cocaine. Brrr. Drug abusers will go to the nearest emergency room when they come down with the 'pox . . . will the folks in ER _know_ the symptoms of smallpox and catch it in time? Or would it be masked by the other symptoms they expect 'a drug user' to have? All it takes is a busy night and an innatentive nurse. I remember what a zoo Parkland Memorial ER in DFW was the time I had to be there with my son.

I'm not sure about Citibank and backup. Yes, they backup. Sure. But are they ready to handle everything going 'phhht' on such a scale?

NOW I'm remembering that bin Laden never expected the scope of damage that crashing airliners into the WTC caused. The problem with bio war is that it's no respecter of borders. The Citibank bomb could scale into a global depression? I don't think they'd _mind_ bringing down civilization a peg or two, but they might not think it will come to that.

Suppose it does?

Posted by: brian at April 11, 2005 06:56 PM

Red & Blue Americans start gun fights in the streets? Don't you mean... most angry/offensive Blue Americans killed within 3 days by 2nd ammendment loving Reds. Peace is restored in the mainland and steps are taken to rebuild a proud independant nation on the basis of Isolationism. Social times revert back to a pre WWI era.

Besides money doesn't matter. Only the belief that it does. I take it you've seen the corny movie Sneakers? If the FDIC crashed and the US lost financial ties to leading world coutnries it wouldn't be long before we crashed them to level the field. By means legal and criminal.

Posted by: Matt at April 12, 2005 10:36 AM