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April 23, 2005

XBox 360 Pictures


This is what the rumors say the new XBox 360 is supposed to look like. There's a rather amazing discussion about whether or not it's fake or just photoshopped to look good, or photoshopped to look fake or photoshopped to look photoshopped. It's an interesting conundrum for disinformationists like me. Either way it keeps all the fanboys guessing and the industry astir.

I think it looks stupid. I like the color but I'd much rather have something with a 19 inch low profile kind of thing that fits in with the rest of my home theatre electronics. The new XBox should look like a sweet 1U rackmount server with some iridescence on the faceplate. That thing looks like somebody stepped on an iPod. It's a hideous looking mess and all the proportions are wrong. I did a Malcolm Gladwell blink on it and I say it's very fake. If it's real, it's real ugly. Fix it.

Posted by mbowen at April 23, 2005 02:15 AM

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I think the new Xbox 360 looks pretty good. I cant imagine what it will be capible of. This picture is fake and can easily be photoshopped.

Posted by: Bret at April 25, 2005 01:40 PM

THAT XBOX 360 HAS ONLY ONE CONTROLLER PORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That really sucks balls if that is the real xbox 360. If thats even the name or the look they both can go suck a donkey cock!!! I like the color and everything but thats not the real thing.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Dillon Nebolsky at May 7, 2005 06:53 AM

lol^thats true
i hope thats not the real thing cuz if it is they was smokin somethin to make somethin with 1 controller port nice color but dont really look right

Posted by: ks at May 8, 2005 07:50 AM

Doesn't the xbox 360 have wireless controllers? The connector could just be for USB/Firewire peripherals.

Posted by: Anonymous at May 9, 2005 06:09 AM

u fukcin NUb its wirless control wow

Posted by: G-man at May 9, 2005 04:26 PM

Yeah I think this is actually it. Damn. I don't care half as much about the style of the box as I do the controller, and I hate the idea that I'm going to have to put one of those kiddy sized controllers in my hands again. I love the Duke and I will buy whatever wireless doohicky I have to to keep it. That new thing looks lightweight and small. Where can I complain?

Posted by: Cobb [TypeKey Profile Page] at May 9, 2005 05:18 PM

they should have made it 2 or more controllers, this one sucks

Posted by: victor at May 11, 2005 02:31 PM

Wireless= Batteries
Batteries= Crap

Wireless= More Expensive
More Expensive= Crap

Wireless= Easy To Lose
Easy To Lose= Crap
(IF you got family or friends over)

Posted by: tom at May 11, 2005 03:48 PM

What the fuck is all this shit talk about the new XBox 360. How the hell do any of you guys know that the USB port isn't on the side?

Posted by: Random at May 11, 2005 05:15 PM

Watching the xbox 360 revealing on mtv right now and they are wireless controllers, i think you have like ur own little guy that represents you because the box is always connected to the net, you can also buy stuff to customize your guy and you can download things all of the net, they really focused on connecting people all across the world all the time. and the pics of the box that are floating around are the right pics, but you can also change the faceplate to many others.

Posted by: Tim at May 12, 2005 11:01 PM