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April 28, 2005

OLAP Blog Integration

I'm also about to crank up the volume on getting some BI & OLAP bloggers coordinated. I think it's sad to see a bunch of stragglers out there with no trackbacks or comments. I'm going to play cat herder and see what I can come up with.

Part of the problem is that there isn't a good back and forth with industry experts. Rumor has it, however, that John Kopke is a blast in front of customers. I know he understands the technology and I used to work with him at Pilot Software back in the days. And yet there are a lot of people trembling with fear at guys like Nigel Pendse. Now there's a showdown I'd like the blogosphere to witness.

I've been neglecting the dialog because I've been downmarket for a while and basically nobody's talking because smaller companies don't have time to listen. But now that I've come back to the state of the art and I see what Hyperion has been doing in terms of rolling out new products and upping the ante and expanding the scope of BI'able applications, there's plenty to say. The question is, who's saying it? I certainly would have been, but that's not what Cubegeek turned out to be. Let's give it a shot in this brave new world.

Introducing The Cubegeek Blog

Posted by mbowen at April 28, 2005 03:12 PM

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