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September 11, 2005

Caring about Black People

In his now classic book, Faces at the Bottom of the Well, author Derrick Bell writes a scenario in which white survivalists decide to take up arms against the government of the United States for not caring about black people. He has his character, a black man, rescued by such a cult. By drawing this picture, Bell begs the question of whether blacks care more about fighting anti-black racism or black solidarity. At the time of the books' publication, there was a great deal more fear and discussion about white survivalist groups than there is today, especially in black political circles. These were the days when hammer skinheads were making the news as the new vanguard of militant white supremacy.

From Bell:

"We call ourselves White Citizens for Black Survival or WCBS. Our program has two prongs. First, the policy phase we call 'racial realism.' Then the activies phase, in which we aim to build a nationwidew network of secret shelters to house and feed balck people in the event of a black holocauset or som other all-out attack on America's historic scapegoats."

Not that there's anything so dramatic outside of the Race Traitors that I know of, I bring this up because there are at least a couple of folks with significant blogs and conservative followings who have been keeping it right. John Hawkins and XRLQ are manning the battlestations this week against Steve Sailer of VDare.

I used to be on the iSteve mailing list, and I forgot exactly how that happened. Very likely I was keeping track of Peter Brimelow and the various groups of white whiners like Jared Taylor and AmRen. Basically, these are the guys who constitute the forefront of the political movement on the ugly implications of The Bell Curve. They've been at it for years - trying to keep white hope alive.

It has been quite a while since I've seen anything that they've done online. So it's an interesting time to consider what this battle looks like, especially if you're one of my new readers this week who think all black Republicans are Toms. Here you have an opportunity to see right wing Republicans do battle with white supremacists. It's almost as good as Celebrity Deathmatch.

But seriously, the disconnect between these soft-core white supremacists and the blogospheric right is significant. They're not chummy as some paranoid lefties would have you believe. There is really no love lost. Since the effect of white supremacist activism diminishes over time, this may be a unique opportunity to watch mainstream Conservatives diss them like David Duke who is probably doing his best to energize his cronies in Louisiana.

Speaking of which, here's one of my favorite paragraph from the news today:

Mr. Reiss acknowledges that shrinking parts of the city occupied by hardscrabble neighborhoods would inevitably result in fewer poor and African-American residents. But he says the electoral balance of the city wouldn't change significantly and that the business elite isn't trying to reverse the last 30 years of black political control. "We understand that African Americans have had a great deal of influence on the history of New Orleans," he says.

Of course there are plenty of loudmouth bad guys in the mix too. Nobody is suggesting that there isn't plenty of racist hate online. I just happened to drop by SCAA's 700-post long thread 'Shoot Looters!'. People I hang out with tend to be stunned into silence when they see it. Those of us who have sunk into the depths to fight know how ugly it gets. After a while we get the thousand mile raceman's stare.

Anyway, aluta continua.

Posted by mbowen at September 11, 2005 05:49 PM

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