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September 21, 2005

The Reversals

In reading 'Bonfire of the Humanities' I have bought into the concept that a goodly chunk of the American ideosphere is chock full of nuts. And yet they are professional nuts who have yet to be stared down, primarily because people spend so much money sending their children to sit at their feet. Yet something I wrote 13 years ago resonates with Victor Davis Hanson and his chums: That so many write for each other otherwise write to be paid.

As a non-academic, I am probably on the late-freight in this revelation. I've know about 'Invisible Adjunct' and the meme about the lack of Conservative college profs, but I've long thought them mostly irrelevant. In fact, I've been blaming Hollywood and the Liberal Media for treason of intellect that actually has a more sinister source.

In the meantime as I ingest the import of the treason against Western Civilization, (and come to understand at a deeper level the material gluttony of China) I will split Multiculturalism into half. The hindmost I will abandon to Hanson's sword and the milder version to myself. In between that is the simple truth that I do recognize the problem with Identity Politics (and have for a while) and yet never saw that coming when I read the Greywolf Annual lo these many years ago.

I hate Eclexia, and I have a distaste for discovery that doesn't institutionalize anything of lasting value. My adoption of Conservatism is a hedge exactly against that. There is something worth knowing of King Lear and my soft multiculturalism says that James Earl Jones' version is worth seeing not only for its intrinsic value but as a confirmation of modernity. It is this confirmation that integration bears out and it is the heat and agitation of affirmative mixings that instigate the chemical transformation of a new and improved society. Not for the sake of separate racial or 'other' destinies, but for a shared destiny.(1) New people must be integrated into our way of life so it is all of our way of life.

I haven't spoken of Empire recently, but that may be the only way.

So I am looking for the rhetorical tells and the reversals of my logic to find the implications of the dreams of our leftist malcontents. It's not enough that I am right, I want to see the contradictions of my opponents.

(1). Hmm. That's a ding against my opposition to gay marriage. (Don't ask and I won't tell).

Posted by mbowen at September 21, 2005 10:46 PM

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