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January 12, 2006

Thursday Fragments

Racial Smells
I don't know why this sounds particularly funny, but I found it tangential to a set of searches I did this morning of the following type: "x people * too much". That came after I found this prejudice map.

Fear Da Tigers
There's something about the nexus of rap and hardball sports that make a powerful mix. If you could get a mix of fan enthusiasm, player spirit and rap star support, you can make irresistable mojo. The LA Raiders had it, and nobody has quite had it since them. But the Cincinnati Bengals have made a good attempt. Where did they go for inspiration? Bootsy! It didn't get them past the Steelers, but it was a good idea.

Two Plusses for Alito
On the first plus, he says that family members can designate relatives or friends to carry out their right-to-die wishes. Thank you. And for those who think Terri Schiavo is spinning in her grave, you're wrong. She can't spin. On the second plus, nobody can even find a mention of his name associated with CAP.

Posted by mbowen at January 12, 2006 07:34 AM

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