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January 16, 2006


Jack's in trouble. Again.

The most fun thing about the 24 series is its directness. There's nothing quite so satisfying as watching Jack Bauer in action because, he knows what he's doing, you know he can get the job done, you know that deep down he's the kind of man you want on your side even though he goes to extremes. The way he gets loyalty from viewers is the same way he gets loyalty from other characters on the show. He earns it by delivering. Whenever you pay attention to the many subplots in this series, half of the dramatic tension is sustained by you trying to figure out when all the other losers are going to put their heads on straight and listen to their inner Jack. But there are always complexities.

This season has started off with a bang of a different sort. I'm hooked already. I'd have to say that the same thing is happening with The Sheild, but I'll handle that separately. This time around, we're rather prepared for the ugliness to go full scale. Which is something I think I'm taking a bit differently than last season with Marwan and company.

For a while in 24, I watched to see how the kind of mess they get into would outstrip the prior seasons. The pure audacity of the tangos is now rather expected. Last season they kidnapped the Sec'y of State and hijacked a stealth fighter. The season before they got a nuke. This time, they've already killed an ex President, car bombed CTU agents and taken hostages at an airport (echos of Entebbe).

This time the moles are high and deep, and the instability of the President and First Lady are making this thing a real nervewracking prospect.

Posted by mbowen at January 16, 2006 04:34 PM

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I was sucked in like I haven't been since Season 1. Looking forward to part 2....

Posted by: Caltechgirl [TypeKey Profile Page] at January 16, 2006 06:41 PM